Alternative Test Equipment UK specialise in the sale and rental of quality, reconditioned test and measurement equipment.

Our online catalogue highlights a selection of test equipment available for purchase or hire. Stock and pricing can fluctuate daily so please contact us to confirm price and availability. We have a vast range of products available from all manufacturers. Most options are also available.


Wavetek 1062 500MHz Sweep Generator
Wavetek 1080 1GHz Sweep Generator
Wavetek 1081 1GHz Sweep Generator (75 ohm)
Wavetek 1271 8.5 Digit System Multimeter
Wavetek 1281 8.5 Digit System Multimeter
Wavetek 1396 VXI Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Wavetek 171 2MHz Synthesiser/Function Generator
Wavetek 178 50MHz Waveform Generator
Wavetek 184 5MHz Function Generator
Wavetek 191 20MHz Waveform Generator
Wavetek 195 2 Channel 40MS/s Universal Waveform Generator
Wavetek 2001 1.4GHz Sweep Generator
Wavetek 2002 2.5GHz Sweep Generator
Wavetek 2002A 2.5GHz Sweep Generator
Wavetek 2002B 2.5GHz Sweep Generator
Wavetek 2500A 0.2-1100MHz Signal Generator
Wavetek 275 12MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Wavetek 278 12MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Wavetek 3600D Service Monitor (basic Unit)
Wavetek 39 100MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Wavetek 395 100MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Wavetek 3HRV Headend Reverse Sweep Receiver
Wavetek 4032 Radio Comms Test Set With GSM
Wavetek 4106 GSM/DCS1800/PCN1900 Mobile Phone Tester
Wavetek 4106GPP Mobile Phone Tester (GSM900/1800/1900)
Wavetek 4106S Mobile Phone Tester (GSM900/1800/1900)
Wavetek 4107 Mobile Phone Test set-Triband
Wavetek 4107S Mobile Phone Tester (Tri-Band)
Wavetek 4201S Triband Digital Mobile Radio Test Set
Wavetek 4202S Digital Mobile Radio Test Set-Triband
Wavetek 4400M GSM Test Set
Wavetek 4800 Calibrator
Wavetek 5026DR Sm 1310/1550 High Definition
Wavetek 650 2MHz Variable Phase Synthesiser
Wavetek 8502 Dual Channel Peak Power Meter
Wavetek 8502A Dual Channel Peak Power Meter
Wavetek 9100 Multi Function Calibrator
Wavetek 9132 Ir Calibrator
Wavetek 9500 Oscilloscope Calibrator
Wavetek 9500A Scope Calibrator
Wavetek E5026VDH Very Long Range 42/43dB 1310/1550nm Module
Wavetek E5029VDH Very Long Range 43/42dB 1550/1625nm Module
Wavetek M248330 Universal Antenna Coupler
Wavetek M384876 Centronics Printer Cable For Wavetek 4107s
Wavetek MTS5100 850/1300/1550nm OTDR
Wavetek MTS5100E/MM MultiMode OTDR
Wavetek MTS5200 OTDR Mainframe
Wavetek SAM4040 HFC Signal Analysis Meter
Wavetek SI9200 Signalling System (inc. RF Unit)

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