Alternative Test Equipment UK specialise in the sale and rental of quality, reconditioned test and measurement equipment.

Our online catalogue highlights a selection of test equipment available for purchase or hire. Stock and pricing can fluctuate daily so please contact us to confirm price and availability. We have a vast range of products available from all manufacturers. Most options are also available.


Schaffner NSG1003 Dropout & Variation Simulator
Schaffner NSG1025 Fast Transient/Burst Generator
Schaffner NSG200D EMC Mainframe
Schaffner NSG200E EMC Mainframe
Schaffner NSG2025-1 Single Phase Fast Transient/Burst Generator 4.4kV 16A
Schaffner NSG2025-3 Single Phase Fast Transient/burst Generator
Schaffner NSG2025-4 Three Phase Fast Transient/Burst Generator
Schaffner NSG2025-5 Single Phase Fast Transient / Burst Generator 4.4KV 500KHz 16A
Schaffner NSG2025-7 Single Phase Fast Transient/Burst Generator 8kV 30A
Schaffner NSG203A Mains Failure Plug-in
Schaffner NSG2050 Fast Transient/burst Generator
Schaffner NSG222A Pulse Interference Simulator Plug In
Schaffner NSG223 High Energy Pulse Plug-in
Schaffner NSG223A High Energy Pulse Plug-in
Schaffner NSG224A Medium Energy Plug-in For 200e Mainframe
Schaffner NSG225A Burst Simulator Plug In
Schaffner NSG332 Coupling Clamp
Schaffner NSG401 AC Dropout Simulator
Schaffner NSG426 Data Line Interference Coupler
Schaffner NSG431 Electro-static Discharge Simulator
Schaffner NSG5000 Automotive EMC Pulse Generator
Schaffner NSG5001 Automotive EMC Pulse Generator Plug-in
Schaffner NSG5003 Burst Pulse Generator
Schaffner NSG5005 Test Pulse Module For Nsg5000
Schaffner NSG500A Interference Simulator
Schaffner NSG500B Interference Simulator
Schaffner NSG500C Interference Simulator
Schaffner NSG505 Surge Generator
Schaffner NSG506C Auxillary Generator For Nsg500c
Schaffner NSG560 Surge Pulse Generator
Schaffner NSG600 EMC Mainframe
Schaffner NSG603 Line Dropout & Variation Plug In
Schaffner NSG603A AC/DC line dropout and variation simulator
Schaffner NSG622 Fast Pulse Simulator
Schaffner NSG650 High Energy Pulse Generator
Schaffner NSG651 Single Phase Fast Transient/Burst Generator
Schaffner PNW2050 Pulse Network Plug-in
Schaffner PNW2055 Pulse Network Plug-in

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