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Racal 1250 DISPLAY Keyboard/Display For 1250 Mainframe
Racal 1250 OPTION 14 Digital I/O Module
Racal 1250 OPTION 30 Scanner/Multiplexer Module
Racal 1250 OPTION 40 4x5 Signal Matrix Module
Racal 1250 OPTION 50 Switching Module
Racal 1250 OPTION 60A Switching Module
Racal 1250 Switching System Mainframe
Racal 1251 Switching System Mainframe
Racal 1781 Radio Receiver
Racal 1990 100MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1991 160MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1992 1.3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1994 160MHz Universal Counter
Racal 1995 200MHz Universal Counter
Racal 1996 1.3GHz Universal Counter
Racal 1998 1.3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1999 2.6GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 2051 VXI 2.6GHz Counter
Racal 2101 20GHz Microwave Frequency Counter
Racal 2151 VXI 20GHz Microwave Counter
Racal 2251 VXI 2 Channel 200MHz Microwave Counter
Racal 3151 VXI 100MS/s Waveform Generator
Racal 3151A VXI 100MS/s Waveform Generator
Racal 4008 4.75 Digit Digital Multimeter
Racal 4009 5.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Racal 5002 DC-25MHz True RMS Voltmeter
Racal 6002 Digital Amplitude Measurement Systems
Racal 6063 VXI 4 Channel High Power Precison Source
Racal 6102 GSM Mobile Test Set
Racal 6103 Digital Mobile Radio Test Set
Racal 6103A ACES Digital Satellite Mobile Radio Test Set
Racal 6103E/003 Digital Mobile Radio Test Set
Racal 6104 Digital Mobile Radio Test Set
Racal 6111 GSM BTS Test Set
Racal 6113/001/002/04E/052/054/220/310 GSM Base Station Test Set
Racal 6113E/01/02/04F/052 GSM Base Station Test Set
Racal 6113G/001/002/300/308/353 GSM/GPRS Base Station Test Set
Racal 9008 2GHz Modulation Analyzer
Racal 9008A Modulation Meter
Racal 9008M 1.5GHz-2GHz Modulation Meter
Racal 9009 1.5GHz Modulation Analyzer
Racal 9009A 1.5GHz Modulation Analyzer
Racal 9082 520MHz Signal Generator
Racal 9087 10KHz-1.3GHz Signal Generator
Racal 9101 Absorption Wattmeter
Racal 9232 30V 2A Dual Output Power Supply
Racal 9232Q 30V 2A Quad Mode Dual Output Power Supply
Racal 9234 15A 4A Single Power Supply
Racal 9300 5Hz-20MHz True RMS Voltmeter
Racal 9300B 5Hz-20MHz True RMS Voltmeter
Racal 9301 True RMS Voltmeter
Racal 9301A True RMS Voltmeter
Racal 9302 1.35GHz True RMS Voltmeter
Racal 9303 2GHz True RMS Voltmeter
Racal 9475 Rubidium Frequency Standard
Racal 9478 Frequency Distribution System
Racal 9480/04A/10 Frequency Standard
Racal 9748/04B Oven Osc Frequency Distribution System
Racal 9901 50MHz Universal Counter Timer
Racal 9902A Frequency Counter
Racal 9903 50MHz Frequency Counter Timer
Racal 9904 10Hz-50MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 9906 200MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 9906A/04A 200MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 9917 560MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 9917A/04A 560MHz Frequency Counter
Racal 9921 10Hz-3GHz Frequency Counter

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