Alternative Test Equipment UK specialise in the sale and rental of quality, reconditioned test and measurement equipment.

Our online catalogue highlights a selection of test equipment available for purchase or hire. Stock and pricing can fluctuate daily so please contact us to confirm price and availability. We have a vast range of products available from all manufacturers. Most options are also available.


Kikusui 3P02-PCR-L 3 Phase Output Driver
Kikusui COM7201 4 Channel 200MHz Digitising Scope
Kikusui EX03-PCR-LA External Signal Input Interface For PCR-LA Series
Kikusui IB03-PCR-LA GPIB Interface for PCR-LA Series
Kikusui IB-11-PCR-L GPIB Interface For PCR-L Series
Kikusui PAB 18-3 18V 3A Single DC Power Supply
Kikusui PAB 32-2 32V 2A Single DC Power Supply
Kikusui PCR1000 1kVA Voltage/Frequency Converter
Kikusui PCR1000L 1KVA Voltage/Frequency Converter
Kikusui PCR1000LA 1kVA Voltage/Frequency Converter
Kikusui PCR500 500W Voltage/Frequency Converter
Kikusui PCR500L 500VA Voltage/Frequency Converter
Kikusui PCR500LA 500VA Voltage/Frequency Converter
Kikusui PLZ-1002W 1000W Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ-1003W 1000W Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ-1003WH Programmable Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ-150W 150W Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ152W 150W Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ-153W 150W Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ-164W 165W Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ-300W 300W Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ-303W 300W Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ-603W 600W Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ72W 70W Electronic Load
Kikusui PSV60-46 60V / 46A 2800W DC Power Supply
Kikusui PWR1600L 80V 100A Power Supply 1600W
Kikusui PWR800L 60V 50A Power Supply 800W
Kikusui RC02-9CR-L Remote Controller For PCR Series
Kikusui RC04-PCR-LA Remote Controller for PCR-LA Series
Kikusui SD003-PCR-LA Power Line Disturbance Immunity Testing Software
Kikusui TOS5050 Insulation Tester
Kikusui TOS5050A Insulation Tester
Kikusui TOS5101 10kV AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Tester
Kikusui TOS8650 5KV Insulation Tester
Kikusui TOS8750 5KV Insulation Tester
Kikusui TOS8850 Insulation Tester
Kikusui TOS8850A 5KV Insulation Tester
Kikusui TOS9000 Automatic 5KV Insulation Tester

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